Partner Spotlight: MAHEC and Prisma Centering

Reach Out and Read Carolinas has partnered with MAHEC’s CenteringPregnancy  and Prisma OB/GYN Center’s CenteringPregnancy to extend the Reach Out and Read model.

Through this partnership, moms start their baby’s home library with four books; three books are provided before the baby comes and a fourth book is given at the 6-week postpartum visit.

The goal of expanding Reach Out and Read is to reach expectant mothers in the CenteringPregnancy group setting before they have their baby and when they may have more capacity to receive important messages about early reading, parent-child interactions/bonding, and resilience during pregnancy versus waiting until the baby is six-months (traditional ROR).

These innovative partnerships create opportunities to discuss the importance of ROR as a tool for the mother, baby and family, while helping the family build a home library. It also can help the provider guide expectant mothers in an effective way through the stages of pregnancy that can lead to increased satisfaction and good outcomes for themselves and their baby.

A minimum of four books are recommended. The first book should be provided at the very first CenteringPregnancy visit. We recommend a second book when discussing topics like, The Family I Want to Have, Breastfeeding My Baby, Thinking About My Family, Family Planning, Domestic Violence and Abuse, and Stress to share the impact that books and reading aloud have on unborn babies. A third book can be provided to align ROR with topics like, The Newborn’s First Days, Caring for Your Baby, Routines, Expectations, Traditions, Emotional Adjustments, Postpartum Depression and Putting It All Together to encourage reading and talking in daily routines. A final book can be given at the reunion visit as a strategy to increase compliance and strengthen the parent-child bond and promote responsive parenting, by educating moms about shared book reading with their new baby as a positive and consistent routine in the home that can increase warmth and consistency in parenting, form stable, nurturing relationships, and build resilience.

Our community partners are innovative, visionary and thought leaders.

They are committed organizations, foundations, and corporations. They are elected officials and public officials. They are publishers, authors, and illustrators. They are our staff and our board. And, they are champions for literacy.

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Reading aloud and talking together every day builds a strong foundation for learning!