Partner Highlight: Meet Dr. Jill Wright, Pediatrician at UNC Pediatrics in Garner

Dr. Jill Wright, Pediatrician at UNC Pediatrics in Garner, is a ROR leader in the Carolinas.

  1. Share a story of a really successful partnership where something happened that you couldn’t do alone, who was the partner, and what was your role?
    We recently partnered with ROR Carolinas to expand our Reach out and Read programs within UNC Physicians Network. By building ROR into the budget, we have been able to add 3 sites and expand our model to include Birth to 5-months. I worked with UNCPN administration (special thanks to Rima Karsalia) and our wonderful ROR Programs Specialist (Jackie Lorge) to help make this happen. We are all thrilled to be able to promote literacy at the first newborn visit!
  2. What is your favorite thing to say to strengthen families, and why?
    I like to help new siblings welcome their baby brother or sister. I will encourage them to read or show the new baby the ROR book and often will give them their own sibling book to take home. I let them choose what book they think the baby would be interested in. I hope this helps them realize how important they are as a family member and role model and further encourages a literacy-rich environment in their home.
  3. Can you share something important that is happening that makes you hopeful for the future of children in North Carolina?
    The Birth to 5-month expansion with a focus on early literacy and parent-child bonding has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of children and their families. Our families are very excited to get that first book and I think it highlights their essential role in their child’s development.


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