Social Impact
+ Innovations = Results

Providers + Families + Reach Out and Read = Catalyst for Change

The Reach Out and Read intervention is unique for its unparalleled access to children through the medical home, supporting families through the trusted voice of the medical provider.

By changing the way parents interact with their children daily around language and literacy, we will prepare children for lifelong success. We do this through a two-generational lens and with an understanding of social determinants of health, and their impacts on the lives of children and families throughout the Carolinas.

We support and BUILD STRENGTHS AND SKILLS in parents to have healthy families and strong communities.

We know THE WHOLE SYSTEM MATTERS. It matters how parents are supported. It matters what kids experience in the home. It matters how they interact with their communities. Their social capital matters. This larger understanding of our work is critical and represents a more accurate view of the role and work of Reach Out and Read Carolinas.

Together, as social impact partners, we are leading the way to change.

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Let your child interrupt. Interruptions show your child is engaged.